Fortinet FortiGate 6500F(FG-6500F)

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فورتی گیت Fortigate FG6500F


Interfaces and Modules


Hardware Accelerated 40/100 GE QSFP28 Slots


Hardware Accelerated 1/10/25 GE SFP28 Slots
3 Hardware Accelerate 10 GE SFP+ Slots
2 GE RJ45 Management Ports


USB Port


Console Port 

2 × 1 TB NVMe (for 6301F and 6501F only)

Onboard Storage

2×SFP + (SR 10GE)

Included Transceivers

System Performance — Enterprise Traffic Mix

170 Gbps

IPS Throughput 

150 Gbps

NGFW Throughput

100 Gbps

Threat Protection Throughput

System Performance and Capacity

239 /238 /135 Gbps

IPv4 Firewall Throughput

(1518 / 512 / 64 byte, UDP)

IPv6 Firewall Throughput

(1518 / 512 / 64 byte, UDP)

5.00 μs

Firewall Latency (64 byte, UDP)

202.5 Mpps

Firewall Throughput (Packet per Second)

200 Million

Concurrent Sessions (TCP)

3 Million

New Sessions/Second (TCP)


Firewall Policies

160 Gbps

IPsec VPN Throughput (512 byte) 


Gateway-to-Gateway IPsec VPN Tunnels


Client-to-Gateway IPsec VPN Tunnels

9 Gbps

SSL-VPN Throughput


Concurrent SSL-VPN Users

(Recommended Maximum, Tunnel Mode)

110 Gbps

SSL Inspection Throughput (IPS, avg. HTTPS) 


SSL Inspection CPS (IPS, avg. HTTPS) 

18 Million

SSL Inspection Concurrent Session (IPS, avg. HTTPS) 

220 Gbps

Application Control Throughput (HTTP 64K) 


CAPWAP Throughput (HTTP 64K)

10 / 500

Virtual Domains (Default / Maximum)


Maximum Number of FortiSwitches Supported


Maximum Number of FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel)

Maximum Number of FortiTokens

Maximum Number of Registered FortiClients


High Availability Configurations

Dimensions and Power

5.3 x 17.2 x 27.3

Height x Width x Length (inches)

133 x 437 x 694

Height x Width x Length (mm)

78.26 lbs (35.5 kg)


Rack Mount, 3 RU

Form Factor 

100–240V AC, 50–60 Hz

AC Power Supply

1,308 W/ 1,548 W

Power Consumption (Average/ Maximum)

30A@100VAC, 20A@240VAC

AC Current (Maximum)

-48 to -60V DC

DC Power Supply

25-32A (x2)

DC Current (Maximum)

5,282 BTU/h

Heat Dissipation

2+1 Redundant/1+1 Redundant if using high line power Hot Swappable

Redundant Power Supplies

Operating Environment and Certifications

32–104°F (0–40°C)

Operating Temperature

-31–158°F (-35–70°C)

Storage Temperature

10–90% non-condensing


57.43 dBA

Noise Level

Front to Back

Forced Airflow

Up to 7,400 ft (2,250 m)

Operating Altitude

FCC Part 15 Class A, CE, RCM, VCCI, UL/cUL, CB


ICSA Labs: Firewall, IPsec,

IPS, Antivirus, SSL-VPN; USGv6/IPv6



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