HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Scalable Library Base Module Q6Q62B

135,000,000 تومان

توضیح کوتاه



Drive Technology LTO-9 Ultrium 45000
LTO-8 Ultrium 30750
LTO-7 Ultrium 15000
LTO-6 Ultrium 6250
Maximum Number of Drives – Per Module 3HH (per Module)
– Per fully expanded Library 21HH (per Library)
Number of Slots – Per Module 40(Base Module)/40 (Expansion Module)
– Per fully expanded Library 280(per Library)
Drive Interface 8Gb Native Fibre Channel
12Gb/sec SAS (LTO-9)
6Gb/sec SAS (LTO-8 and earlier)
Maximum Capacity Native
– Per Base Module
720TB (LTO-9, 40 slots)
480TB (LTO-8, 40 slots)
240TB (LTO-7, 40 slots)
100TB (LTO-6, 40 slots)
– Per Full Library 5PB (LTO-9, 280 slots)
3.36PB (LTO-8, 280 slots)
1.68PB (LTO-7, 280 slots)
700TB (LTO-6, 280 slots)
Compressed (2.5:1)
– Per Module
1.8PB (LTO-9, 40 slots)
1.2PB (LTO-8, 40 slots)
600TB (LTO-7, 40 slots)
250TB (LTO-6, 40 slots)
– Per Library 12.6PB (LTO-9, 280 slots)
8.4PB (LTO-8, 280 slots)
4.2PB (LTO-7, 280 slots)
1.75PB (LTO-6, 280 slots)
Maximum Transfer Rate Native
– Per Module
3.24TB/hour (with 3 LTO-9 drives)
3.24TB/hour (with 3 LTO-8 drives)
3.24TB/hour (with 3 LTO-7 drives)
1.73TB/hour (with 3 LTO-6 drives)
– Per Library 22.5TB/hr (with 21 LTO-9 drives)
22.5TB/hr (with 21 LTO-8 drives)
22.5TB/hr (with 21 LTO-7 drives)
14TB/hr (with 21 LTO-6 drives)
Compressed (2.5:1)
– 3 HH drives Per Module
Up to 8.1TB/hr (with 3 LTO-9 drives)
Up to 8.1TB/hr (with 3 LTO-8 drives)
Up to 8.1TB/hr (with 3 LTO-7 drives)
4.3TB/hr (with 3 LTO-6 drives)
– 21 HH drives Per
Up to 72.45TB/hr (with 21 LTO-9 drives)
Up to 72.45TB/hr (with 21 LTO-8 drives)
Up to 72.45TB/hr (with 21 LTO-7 drives)
30.2TB/hr (with 21 LTO-6 drives)
Dimensions Out-of-Box (HxWxD) 5.24×18.98×34.27in (13.3×48.2×87.3cm)
Shipping (HxWxD) 12.6×27.09×45.59in (61.5×80.0x120.0cm)
Weight Out of box 55.34lbs (25.1kg)
Shipping 68.34lbs (31kg)

MTBF (mean time between failures) 125,000hours (based on 1M MSBF)
MSBF (Mean swaps before failure) 1,000,000
Average Cartridge Swap Time
(drive to slot, slot to drive)
N/A 26seconds (Base Unit)
Initialization Time N/A 77 to 204 seconds
Notes: For LTO-9 see LTO-9 media initialization section
Inventory Time N/A 50seconds (average)
Base unit
Connectors Mini-SAS (MSL SAS model only)
LC Optical Fibre (MSL FC models only)
(1)RJ-45 Ethernet
Color Control Panel
(on front panel)
Monochrome graphic display, 4 inch diagonal, 240 by 128 black dots, 4/3 aspect ratio
Management Interface 10/100/1000Mbits/second, auto-configuring interface. RJ-45 connection. Https configurable.
Power 230Watts (max)
Input Requirements 100-240VAC, 3.7A Max., 50/60Hz
Relative Humidity
Operating 20%to 80%
Shipping 20%to 90%
Temperature Range
(wet bulb)
Operating (LTO-5 to LTO-8) 50°to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
Operating (LTO-9) 59°to 89° F (15° to 32° C)
Shipping -22°to 140° F (-30° to 60° C)
Notes: Library operating temperature limits are based on the industry standard tape limit.
Altitude Operating 13,000ft (4000m)
Shipping 35,000ft (10,675m)

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